New Covenant Theology


Tom Wells & Fred G. Zaspel


New Covenant Theology

“Wells does a fine job of analyzing some of the historical and broadly theological issues, while Zaspel concentrates on a careful exegesis of key New Testament texts—especially the pivotal Matthew 5:17-20. The combination is impressive and persuasive. … Their careful biblical argument needs to be taken into account as the task of reforming our traditions in light of the witness of Scripture goes forward." From the Foreword by Douglas J. Moo “If there is any hope of a meeting of minds, let alone of a resolution of the issues, it takes time, patience, intellectual humility, a willingness to be corrected, and thoughtful and empathetic listening combined with accurate and understated articulation of each party’s understanding. And those are the values of this book. … perhaps, in the mercy of God, we will discover, in time, that some genuine steps have been taken toward theological agreement.” D. A. Carson
“Tom Wells and Fred Zaspel have moved us along the road … of profitable discussion. They have shown unity with their contending brethren on many points while making clear the leading principles of NCT and setting in bold relief some of the major implications of those principles. Some of us who may not agree with all aspects of the position as articulated here, nevertheless hope that this book gains a wide and respectful reading.”Tom Nettles

Tom Wells is a resident of West Chester, OH (Cincinnati area) where he has been a pastor of The King’s Chapel for 28 years. He has spent his entire adult life in Christian ministry, including evangelistic work and various Bible teaching roles. He is the author of a number of books including "A Vision for Missions", "Christian, Take Heart", "God is King", and "Faith the Gift of God". In earlier years he was the regular speaker on several radio ministries originating in Cincinnati and Dallas, Texas. Pastor Wells has been married for 41 years and he and his wife, Luann, have three children.

Fred G. Zaspel is Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church of Skippack, PA, following many years as Senior Pastor of Word of Life Baptist Church in Pottsville, PA. He is also adjunct Lecturer in Religious Studies at Pennsylvania State University, Schuylkill Campus. He holds two M.A. degrees, a Th.M., and is currently a Ph.D. candidate. He lives in Orwigsburg, PA, with his wife and their two children.

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