What are the Major Characteristics of

New Covenant Theology?


Dr. Gary D. Long

As presented at the 29TH annual Sovereign Grace Doctrinal Conference
Saldo, Texas
October 9, 2004



New Covenant Theology is a developing system of theology that provides a more biblical way to interpret the Scriptures. It is based upon a redemptive history approach to understanding the fulfillment of God's eternal kingdom purpose on earth. Its principles of interpretation, i.e., its hermeneutic, are based upon a biblical theology that stresses the theology of the Bible itself. NCT challenges the basic theological presuppositions of the Covenant of Grace system of Covenant Theology and the two redemptive purposes of Dispensational Theology. The driving motive of NCT is BACK TO THE BIBLE. NCT emphasizes the inductive study of the Bible. A major objective of NCT is that its hermeneutic will help bring doctrinal unity in this sin-wrecked world by breaking down the middle walls of doctrinal partition that exist within the theological systems of Covenant Theology (CT) and Dispensational Theology (DT). The following is a partial list of NCT characteristics.


Dr. Gary Long is President of Providence Theological Seminary in Colorado Springs, Colorado.