Notes on Our Present Age - The Christian State? Nathaniel West


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[7] 'Europe, to-day, is an armed camp. Over 28,000,000 of men, all in the prime of manhood, stand enrolled, to expose their lives in the next great War. The annual cost of this force exceeds 150,000,000 pounds sterling ($750,000,000), Since the Franco­Prussian war, seventeen years ago, 1,500,000 000 pounds sterling ($7,500,000,000) have been spent in preparation for the Coming war. In one week, Germany can set 750,000 men in French territory, and France bring 850,000 to her frontier."-London Daily News, Jan. 14, 1889. "The British fleet, to-day, is inadequate for England's defense. France has everything to gain and nothing to lose in a war with Britain in the near future. I have no words strong enough to convey what I believe would he the judgment of the peoples of our magnificent Empire if we lost our great heritage, as we undoubtedly should.were we caught unprepared, through want of a sufficient navy." Lord Charles Beresford in the Nineteenth Century, Jan., 1889. While thus preparing for war, 233 members of the British Parliament have memorialized the President of the United States, and Congress, to take steps to conclude a treaty with Great Britain to settle, by a court of arbitration, all disputes between the two governments which cannot be settled by diplomacy. Fear alone dictates the policy. Statesmen seem, however, not to know that, only after the last great anti-christian conflict, such a thing is possible, and that the first High Court of Arbitration for National Differences, will be set up in Jerusalem, bringing universal peace. when men, weary of their sanguinary game, will flock to Zion, for "Light and Right," and "learn war no more;" a consummation to he realized only at the "End of the Days," when "Christ Himself shall judge among the Nations." Isa. 2:2-4 ; Micah 4:1-3 ; Psa. xlvi:8-II.

As a result chiefly due to the whisky Traffic, and licensing of Lust by the "Christian State," is the appalling prostitution of the marriage relation. February 20, 1889, Commissioner Carroll D. Wright, had reported to congress that, in 1867, the number of Divorces granted was 9.937 ; in 1886, the number was 25,535, and for the periods between these dates 328,716. The "Christian Church" has ceased to punish the guilty parties, or hold responsible those who are instrumental in the destruction of the family and the home. She retains in full communion, and in good standing, men and women openly convicted by the State, of crimes against the laws of both God and man. And she does this of set purpose: a "respecter of persons" in her. administration, making Christ and the Church the shield and minister of sin.

[8] "Crime Increasing. "The police authorities of more than 100 cities the United States furnish statistics to the New York papers, as to the astounding increase of crime. These statistics show that Crime is more than keeping pace with the population, on the average. It is in advance of it, in spite of all legislation, moral influence, and punitive or reformatory measures. Burglaries robberies, assassinations, the recklessness of human life, drunkenness, infanticides, prostitution, and the general corruption of young and old, male and female, have become alarming. Among women, left to provide for themselves, especially the young, the criminals, and debauchees are the worst. The sources of crime in our public play­houses, gilded saloons, private resorts of pleasure and places of amusement, the lax morals of our social life, and the example of many prominent in our community, are making a Sodom and Gomorrah of the land. The picture is not an inviting one but full of material of grave consideration and anxious inquiry. "-New York Times, March 21, 1889.

A dispatch from London, March 20, 1889, to the New York Herald says, The increase in capital crimes is attracting much attention. No less than 23 men and women, within a short period, are now under sentence of death in the United Kingdom, and will be executed within the next six weeks. This, however, is only what might be expected, for the chief cities of Christendom are reeking in crime."

[9] Whatever the "What withholdeth" may be, whether the Civil Power, social order, the true church, the State or the Gospel, the "He who now withholds," II Thess 2: 6,7, can only be the Exalted Redeemer, Christ Himself, to whom "all power is given, not only to make the wrath of man praise Him, but "to restrain the remainder." Ps. Ixxvi:10. The Antichrist will be revealed "in his own time." That time, we know, is the 70th Week of Daniel, Dan. 9:27, the last 1260 days of which are his persecuting supremacy, Dan. 7:25. xii.7, Rev. 13:5. His Parousia is obstructed, now, by the purpose of God and the "Times of the Gentiles" in which the gospel goes to the Gentiles, between the 69th and 70th weeks. Then, when the full number of God's elect is. "taken out," and the gospel has been preached as a witness to all the world, the Obstruction will be "taken out of the way," the flood-tide of lawlessness inundate Christendom, and the "Man of Sin be revealed."

[10] "The entrance of the Nations into the Kingdom of God FOLLOWS Israel's conversion. They are prepared for it by judicial displays of Jehovah's majesty in the destruction of the enemies of His Kingdom. Those who are spared are filled with fear and trembling at His presence. It is the deliverance of Israel effected by these judgments, and the Messianic Salvation thus brought to her people, which first awake in the Nations the desire to belong to God whom they have thus learned to know as the only Helper. There is a full recognition of the equality of the Gentiles with the Jews in their relation to christ and the blessings of salvation, yet this does not exclude the idea that. without prejudice to this equality, Israel as a Nation may take a high position in the perfected Kingdom of Christ. The entry of the Nations in the Kingdom of God and their natural fellowship with Israel are realized through Israel as the special possessor of these blessings."-Prof. Riehm. Mess. Proph. pp. 208, 785.

[11] Christendom embraces already the whole living civilization of the Globe. But, if the matter be carefully looked into it will be found that not seldom, when men speak about the spread of Christianity, God and His Christ have no place in their thoughts. It is the natural growth of a Reign of Justice they are dreaming of, as if the Truth could prevail and conquer the world apart altogether from the supernatural power and grace of Christ. The progress of Christianity is the progress of a Mighty Prince, who "having girded His sword upon His thigh sides forth prosperously in behalf of truth, and meekness and righteousness." The conversion of "the peoples" is to be accomplished by the "declaration of His Mighty-Acts." The Presence of Christ is that alone which can secure the victory. It is quite unwarrantable to explain this by saying that the blessing is to be wrought out by the pacific doctrine and institutions with which Christ endowed the Church eighteen centuries ago. * * * It is when He comes to judge the earth, that, then, He will, by some storm of controversy, or of revolution, sweep away the institutions in which injustice has entrenched itself, even when the storms that agitate the Nations are h,e Chariot in which He rides to take Possession of the Earth and make it an abode of righteousness and peace. Arise, O God, judge the Earth; for thou shalt inherit All Nations! "Even so; Come Lord Jesus! Come quickly"-Prof. Binnie, Aberdeen. The Psalms, pp. 314­326.