But Who Do You Say That I Am? - H.P. LIDDON

What is He Besides Being the Son of Man? - H.P. LIDDON

"God" in the Absolute Sense of the Word - H.P. LIDDON

The God Man - JOHN STOCK

Anticipations of Christ in the Old Testament - H.P. LIDDON

The Old Testament Messianic Hope - H.P. LIDDON

The Virgin Birth and History - J.M. BOICE

The Miracles of Christ - H.P. LIDDON

The Knowledge of Christ Crucified - STEPHEN CHARNOCK

Verifying The Resurrection - J.M. BOICE

Christ - "the same yesterday, today, and for ever" - H.P. LIDDON

"and that Rock was Christ" - CHARLES HODGE

Christ's Greatest Trophy - J.C. RYLE

The Tears of Christ - OCTAVIUS WINSLOW

Historical Sources of our Knowledge of Jesus Christ - PHILIP VOLLMER

Christ and the Accusers - Christ and the Accused - JOHN T. "JACK" JEFFREY

An understanding of the phrase "He descended into hell" in the Apostles Creed - JOHN JOHNSON



Harmony of the Gospels - A.T. ROBERTSON - PDF 44 KB