Freedon And Capitalism


John W. Robbins



Part One: Freedom

1. The Founder of Western Civilization
2. The Sine Qua Non of Enduring Freedom
3. Some Problems with Natural Law
4. The Political Philosophy of the Founding Fathers
5. The Bible and the Draft
6. The Messianic Character of American Foreign Policy
7. Truth and Foreign Policy
8. Compassionate Fascism
9. Conservatism: An Autopsy
10. Rightwing Radical Chic
11. The Reconstructionist Assault on Freedom
12. Roman Catholic Totalitarianism
13. The Relation of Church and State (Charles Hodge)
14. Abortion, the Christian, and the State
15. The Ethics and Economics of Health Care
16. The Chickens' Homecoming (John Whitehead)
17. The Coming Caesars (John Whitehead)
18. Rebuilding American Freedom in the Twenty-First Century
19. The Religious Wars of the Twenty-First Century

Part Two: Capitalism

20. The Failure of Secular Economics
21. The Promise of Christian Economics
22. Teaching Economics from the Bible
23. The Neo-Evangelical Assault on Capitalism
24. The Reformed Assault on Capitalism
25. The Roman Catholic Assault on Capitalism
26. How Romanism Ruined America
27. Not Yours to Give (Edward Ellis)
28. Money, Freedom, and the Bible
29. The Case Against Indexation
30. Is Christianity Tied to Any Political or Economic System?
31. Ecology: The Abolition of Man

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