An Antidote To Arminianism


Christopher Ness





Of Arminianism In General.


CHAPTER ONE - Of Predestination

I. THE Doctrine Of Predestination.

II. Its Properties

1. Eternal
2. Unchangeable
3. Absolute
4. Free
5. Discriminating
6. Extensive

III. The Arminian's View of Predestination, as conditional upon a foresight of faith, works, perseverance, &c, disproved, and twelve reasons assigned for rejecting it.

IV. Some principal objections answered.


CHAPTER TWO - Of Universal Redemption

I. The Arminian tenet, that Christ died for all men, proved to be erroneous, and ten reasons produced for its rejection.

II. Objections produced by the Arminians against Particular Redemption answered.


CHAPTER THREE - Of Free Will And Conversion

I. Man considered in a four-fold state.

II. Twelve arguments to prove there is no free-will to good in man in his fallen estate.

III. Objections answered.


CHAPTER FOUR - Of Final Perseverance

I. The doctrine stated.

II. Twelve reasons assigned why the chosen of God cannot totally and finally fall away from that grace.

III. Objections answered, and texts opened.