The Ecclesiastical History of the Ancient Churches of Piedmont and of The Albigenses - P. ALLIX - Church History

The Five Books of Moses - OSWALD T. ALLIS - Bible

A Survey of Old Testament Introduction - GLEASON L. ARCHER - Bible



The Greatness of God - HERMAN BAVNICK - God

The Greatness and Miserableness of Man - HERMAN BAVNICK - Sin

The Knowledge of God - HERMAN BAVNICK - God

The Present State of the World - HERMAN BAVNICK - Sin

Coming To Faith In Christ - JOHN BENTON (Tract) - Salvation

Biblical Principles of Loving Child Discipline - GERRY BENN - The Christian Life/The Christian Family

Postmillennialism - LORAINE BOETTNER - Last Things

Ultimate Questions - JOHN BLANCHARD (Tract) - Salvation

Death, Immortality & The Intermediate State - LORAINE BOETTNER - Last Things/Death & thereafter

The Bible's Teaching About The Trinity - J.M. BOICE - God

The Virgin Birth and History - J.M. BOICE - Christ

Verifying The Resurrection - J.M. BOICE - Christ

6000 Years of Evil - HORATIUS BONAR - Sin

Acceptance with God - HORATIUS BONAR - Salvation

Anothers Righteousness For Us - HORATIUS BONAR - Salvation

God's Character Our Resting Place - HORATIUS BONAR - Salvation

God's Testimony Concerning Man - HORATIUS BONAR - Sin

Gods Way of Peace - HORATIUS BONAR - Salvation

Gods Way of Holiness - HORATIUS BONAR - Christian Life

Man's Own Character No Ground of Peace - HORATIUS BONAR - Sin

Poor Faith - HORATIUS BONAR - Salvation

Righteous Grace - HORATIUS BONAR - Salvation

Romans 4:25 & The Death of Christ - HORATIUS BONAR - Salvation

The Saint and the Law - HORATIUS BONAR - The Christian Life/The Christian and the Law

Regeneration - MICHAEL BREMMER - Holy Spirit

The Two Testaments - F.F. BRUCE - Bible

When things get rough - F.F. BRUCE - The Christian Life

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - Each Have A Part In Saving Sinners - JAMES BUCHANAN - Salvation

The Sabbatth - JOHN BUNYAN - Church



Marks of the N.T. Church - J.M. CARROLL - Church

A Sovereign & Personal God - C.A. CARSON - God/Will/Prayer

The Knowledge of Christ Crucified - STEPHEN CHARNOCK - Christ

Baptismal Regeneration - GORDON H. CLARK - Church

Concluding remarks to his book "Biblical Predestination". 1963 - GORDON H. CLARK - Will

Determinism & Responsibility- GORDON H. CLARK - Sin - Will

God & Logic - GORDON H. CLARK - God

Salvation - GORDON H. CLARK - Salvation

What is Saving Faith? - GORDON H. CLARK - Salvation

Return and the Westminster Confession of Faith - GORDON H. CLARK - Last Things/Premillennialism

Abraham is not Moses - R. SCOTT CLARK - Bible/Covenant Theolory

Covenant Theology is Not Replacement Theology - R. SCOTT CLARK - Bible/Covenant Theolory

Does Baptism "Save"? - R. SCOTT CLARK

On The Covenant - R. SCOTT CLARK - Bible/Covenant Theolory

Sanctification - R. SCOTT CLARK - Christian Life/Sanctification

The Israel of God - R. SCOTT CLARK - Bible/Covenant Theolory

Archeology and the Bible - PHILLIP CLIMER - Apologetics

The Sacred Books of the East - A comparison with the Bible - SIDNEY COLLETT - Bible

Original Manuscripts, the Majority Text, and Translations - W. GARY. CRAMPTON - Bible

God & Evil - W. GARY CRAMPTON - God

God-Truth-Logic-Christianity - W. GARY CRAMPTON

Original Manuscripts, The Majority Text, and Translations - W. GARY CRAMPTON - Bible

The Millennium - ROBERT D. CULVER - Last Things/Premillennialism



Law and Gospel - W.H.T. DAU - Salvation

Self Government and Family Government - Gary DEMAR - Christian Life/Christian Family



The Doctrine of Creation and its Significance - JOHN W. EADDIE - Apologetics

Much Study is Wearisome - JOHN EDWARDS - Christian Life

Veritas Redux - Evangelical Truths Restored - JOHN EDWARDS 1707 - Church History

Amillennialism - DAVID ENGELSMA



The Last Things [Judgment] - R. A. FINLAYSON - Last Things/Death and thereafter



Sanctification - WILLIAM GADSBY - Christian Life/Sanctification

Religion and Civil Government - CHARLES B. GALLOWAY - Church & State

Should We Use Only The Words Of Scripture... - JOHN GILL - Bible

Covenant - JOHN GILL - Bible/Covenant Theolory

"and they shall never perish" - J.H. GOSDEN - Last Things/Death and thereafter

Good Works - J.H. GOSDEN - Christian Life

We reject the doctrine of the annihilation of the wicked... - J.H. GOSDEN - Last Things/Death and thereafter

Romans 7 - MICHAEL GOWENS - Christian Life/Sanctification

Sanctification - MICHAEL GOWENS - Christian Life/Sanctification

Thinking Biblically About Love - MICHAEL L. GOWENS - Christian Life/Christian Family

Why Presbyterians Sprinkle - J.B. Green - Church History: Baptism: Presbyterian

The Higher Criticism of the Pentateuch - WILLIAM HENRY GREEN - Bible

Tongues - ROBERT G. GROMACKI - Holy Spirit

On the Futurity of the Seventieth Week of Daniel - ROBERT H. GUNDRY - Last Things



Covenant & Sovereignty - HERMAN HANKO - Bible/Covenant Theology

Why Men Don't Preach Sovereign Grace - JOSEPH HART - Church

The External Institutions of Christianity Divinely Constituted - HEZEKIAH HARVEY - Church

Apostolic Succession - HEZEKIAH HARVEY - Church

What is Your Only Comfort in Life and Death - HEIDELBERG CATECHISM - Salvation

Where Do the Spirits of Believers Go at Death? - WILLIAM HENDRIKSEN - Last Things/Death and thereafter

Do the Wicked Go to Hell When They Die? - WILLIAM HENDRIKSEN - Last Things/Death and thereafter

"and that Rock was Christ" - CHARLES HODGE - Christ

The Relation of Church and State - CHARLES HODGE - Church & State

Presbyterians - CHARLES HODGE - Church History

The Active & Passive Obedience of Christl - MICHAEL S. HORTON - Salvation

The Penal Substitution of Christl - MICHAEL S. HORTON - Salvation

The Law & The Gospel - MICHAEL S. HORTON - Bible or Salvation

Man and Woman in Biblical Perspective - JAMES B. HURLEY - The Christian Life/Christian Family


I, J________________

Christ and the Accusers - Christ and the Accused - JOHN T. "JACK" JEFFREY - Christ

All Things New - A help for those beginning the Christian Life - PETER JEFFERY - New Believer

An understanding of the phrase "He descended into hell" in the Apostles Creed - JOHN JOHNSON - Christ



The Names of God - J. HAMPTON KEATHLEY III - God

The Doctrine of Creation and its Significance - JOHN W. KEDDIE - God & Apologetics

Children of Abraham - David Kingdon - Church History: Baptism: Baptist



How the Bible is the Word of God - G.E. LADD - Bible

The Historic Hope of the Church - G.E. LADD - Last Things

The Introduction to the Book of Revelation - G.E. LADD - Last Things

The Old Testament Promise - G.E. LADD

What is the Kingdom of God? - G.E. LADD - Last Things/Kingdom of God

Anticipations of Christ in the Old Testament - H.P. LIDDON - Christ

But Who Do You Say That I Am? - H.P. LIDDON - Christ

Christ - "the same yesterday, today, and for ever" - H.P. LIDDON - Christ

"God" in the Absolute Sense of the Word - H.P. LIDDON - Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God - H.P. LIDDON - Last Things/Kingdom of God

The Miracles of Christ - H.P. LIDDON - Christ

The Old Testament Messianic Hope - H.P. LIDDON - Christ

What is He Besides Being the Son of Man? - H.P. LIDDON - Christ

Episcopacy - J.B. LIGHTFOOT - Church History

Introduction to the Beatitudes - D. MARTYN LLOYD-JONES - Christian Life

New Covenant Theology - What it is and How it differs from Covenant Theology - GARY D. LONG - Bible

What are the Major Characteristics of New Covenant Theology? - GARY D. LONG - Christian Life/Christian and the Law

The Argument and Occasion of Saint Paul's Epistle to the Galatians - MARTIN LUTHER - Christian Life/Christian and the Law

The Bondage of the Will - MARTIN LUTHER - Sin/The Will



A Beginner's History - WILLIAM H. MACE - Secular History

A Primary History - WILLIAM H. MACE - Secular History

The Story of old Europe and young America - WILLIAM H. MACE - Secular History

Baptism in the Spirit - DONALD MACLEOD - Holy Spirit

Is the Church Today Charismatic? - DONALD MACLEOD - Holy Spirit

Have Spiritual Gifts Ceased? - DONALD MACLEOD - Holy Spirit

Heaven - DONALD MACLEOD - Last Things/Death and thereafter

Lead by the Spirit - DONALD MACLEOD - Christian Life

Why there are no Apostles in the Church Today - DAVE MERCK - Holy Spirit

An Assessment of the Writings of the Apostolic Fathers - DAVE MERCK - Church History

The Biblical Chronology of Archbishop James Ussher - JOHN MORRIS - Bible

The Death of Christ - JOHN MURRAY - Salvation

The Sanctity of the Moral Law - JOHN MURRAY - Christian Life/Christian and the Law


Misc & Multiple Authors________________

A Brief Survey of the Origin and Contents of the "Five Points" of Calvinism - STEELE & THOMAS - Church History

How to Make a Child into a Delinquent in 12 Easy Steps - UNKNOWN - Christian Life/Christian Family

Ministerial spirit & Negative Ministries - J. C JHILPOT & JAY ADAMS - Church


The Second Coming Of Our Lord Jesus Christ - Ryrie-Boettner-Erickson-Ladd-Boice-Campbell-Grier-Pieper - Last Things

Who Wrote The First 5 Books of the Bible? - ALLIS-ARCHER-GREEN-UNGER-YOUNG - Bible


N, O________________

Thoughts On The Will - J.H. OLIPHANT - Sin

The Mortification of Sin in Believers - JOHN OWEN - Christian Life

An Antodote to Arminism - CHRISTOPHER NESS - Church History



Covenant Theology - J.I. PACKER - Bible/Covenant Theology

Creation - J.I. PACKER - God & Apologetics

Introductory Essay to the Death of Death in the Death of Christ - J.I. PACKER - Salvation

Evangelism & The Sovereignty Of God - J.I. PACKER- God

Mortality; Judgement; Heaven; Hell - J.I. PACKER - Last Things/Death and thereafter

Sola Fide: The Reformed Doctrine of Justification - J.I. PACKER - Salvation

Revelation - J.I. PACKER - Bible

The Kingdom Of God - D.S.K. PALMER - Last Things/Kingdom of God

Comfort for Believers - J.C. PHILPOT - Christian Life

Sovereignty and Morality - J.C. PHILPOT - Christian Life

The Attributes of God - A. W. PINK - God

Prayer - A.W. PINK - Christian Life

The Sovereignty of God - A. W. PINK - God



Historic Premillennialism - ALEXANDER REESE - Last Things

We Are Under laws, But Not Under The Law - JOHN G. REISINGER - Christian Life/Christian and the Law

New Covenant Theology - JOHN G. REISINGER - Bible

Under the Law - JOHN G. REISINGER - Christian Life/Christian and the Law

A Baptist speaks about Infant Baptism - JOHN G. REISINGER - Church History: Baptism: Baptist

Five Arguments For The Unity Of The Covenant Of Grace - ROBERT L. REYMOND - Bible/Covenant Theology

Baptism - Robert L. Reymond - Church

The Protestant Reformers Clearly Saw... - ROBERT L. REYMOND - Salvation

A Reformed Response to Dispensationalism - ROBERT L. REYMOND - Bible - Covenant Theology

Christian Apologetics - JOHN W. ROBBINS - Apologetics

Christians and the Civil War - JOHN ROBBINS - Church History

Christ and Civilization - JOHN ROBBINS - Church & State

Civilization And The Protestant Reformation - JOHN ROBBINS - Church History

Competence and Credentials - JOHN ROBBINS - Church

Evangelicals & Catholics Together-The Gift of Salvation & Justification by Faith Alone-JOHN ROBBINS - Church History


Justification By Faith: Catholicism And Protestantism - JOHN ROBBINS - Church History

Slavery and Christianity - JOHN ROBBINS - Church History

The Crisis of Our Time - JOHN W. ROBBINS - Apologetics

The Hoax of Scientific Creationism - JOHN W. ROBBINS - Apologetics

What is Christian Philosophy - JOHN W. ROBBINS - Apologetics

What is Faith? - JOHN W. ROBBINS - Salvation

What is Legalism? - JOHN W. ROBBIN - Christian Life

What Is The Gospel? - JOHN ROBBINS - Salvation

Words - JOHN W. ROBBINS - Bible - Christian Life - Apologetics

Christ's Greatest Trophy - J.C. RYLE - Christ

Infirmities, Doubts and Fears - J.C. RYLE - Christian Life

More systematic than the Bible - J.C. RYLE - Salvation

Old Testament Prophecies and there Interpretation - J.C. RYLE

Patiently Work On - J.C. RYLE - Christian Life

Prayer - J.C. RYLE - Christian Life

Scattered Israel to be Gathered - J.C. RYLE

Dispensationalism - Help or Hersey? - CHARLES C. RYRIE - Dispensational Theology

What is a Dispensation? - CHARLES C. RYRIE - Dispensational Theology



What Has Happened To America - FRANCIS SCHAEFFER - Church History

Why Presbyterians Sprinkle Children - James W. Scott - Church History: Baptism: Presbyterian

Baptism - A Baptist View - W.J. SEATON - Church

Baptismal Regeneration - C.H. SPURGEON - Church

All of Grace - C. H. SPURGEON - Salvation

The God Man - JOHN STOCK - Christ

Speaking in Tongues - LEHMAN STRAUSS - Holy Spirit



The Cannon of the New Testament - H.C. THIESSEN - Bible



Introductory Guide to the Old Testament - MERRILL F. UNGER - Bible



The Reformers And Their Stepchildren - LEONARD VERDUIN - Church History

Where did Separation of Church and State Originate? - LEONARD VERDUIN - Church & State

Historical Sources of our Knowledge of Jesus Christ - PHILIP VOLLMER - Christ



Theocracy or Separation of Church and State - S.E. WALDRON - Church & State

Early Church Comments On Inspiration - B.B. WARFIELD - Bible

The Holy Spirit - B.B. WARFIELD - Holy Spirit

The Plan of Salvation - B.B. WARFIELD - Salvation

Justification & Sanctification - by Grace without Works - R.A. WEBB - Salvation

Our Present Age - The Christian State ? - NATHANIEL WEST - Church & State

King James Only Controversy - JAMES R. WHITE

The Tears of Christ - OCTAVIUS WINSLOW - Christ

The Apostolic Church - Which is it? - THOMAS WITHEROW - Church


X, Y________________

An Introduction to the Old Testament - EDWARD J. YOUNG - Bible



Chronological Table Of The New Testament - THEODOR ZAHN - Bible

The Doctrine Of Absolute Predestination - JEROM ZANCHIUS - Will

BAPTISTS. Their Historical Relation to the Protestant Reformation and the Roman Catholic Church - FRED.G. ZASPEL - Church History

Fulfillment in Christ - FRED.G. ZASPEL - Bible

Preterism & Biblical Prophecy - FRED.G. ZASPEL - Last Things

The Sabbath: A Test Case - FRED G. ZASPEL - Church

Sovereign Grace - FRED.G. ZASPEL - Salvation

The "Altar Call" - FRED.G. ZASPEL - Salvation

The Doctrine of Eternal Justification:_A Critique - F.G. ZASPEL - Salvation

"This is My Beloved Son, Hear Him" - JON ZENS - Christian Life

A Study of the Presuppositions of Covenant and Dispensational Theology - JON ZENS - Bible