Scattered Israel to be Gathered


JC Ryle



From Chapter 5
For many centuries there has prevailed in the Churches of Christ a strange, and to my mind, an unwarrantable mode of dealing with this word “Israel.” It has been interpreted in many passages of the Psalms and Prophets, as if it meant nothing more than Christian believers. Have promises been held out to Israel? Men have been told continually that they are addressed to Gentile saints. Have glorious things been described as laid up in store for Israel? Men have been incessantly told that they describe the victories and triumphs of the Gospel in Christian Churches. The proofs of these things are too many to require quotation. No man can read the immense majority of commentaries and popular hymns without seeing this system of interpretation to which I now refer. Against that system I have long protested, and I hope I shall always protest as long as I live...
Ryle, J. C.. Are You Ready For The End Of Time (Kindle Locations 1534-1540).  . Kindle Edition.

What I protest against is the habit of allegorizing plain sayings of the Word of God concerning the future history of the nation Israel and explaining away the fullness of their contents in order to accommodate them to the Gentile Church! I believe the habit to be unwarranted by anything in Scripture, and to draw after it a long train of evil consequences. Where, I would venture to ask, in the whole New Testament shall we find any plain authority for applying the word “Israel” to anyone but the nation Israel? I can find none. On the contrary, I observe that when the Apostle Paul quotes Old Testament prophecies about the privileges of the Gentiles in Gospel times, he is careful to quote texts which specially mention the “Gentiles” by name. The fifteenth chapter of the Epistle to the Romans is a striking illustration of what I mean...But that believing Gentiles may be called “Israelites,” I cannot see anywhere at all.
Ryle, J. C.. Are You Ready For The End Of Time (Kindle  Locations 1544-1551).  . Kindle Edition.

Reader, accept a friendly exhortation this day. Cleave to the literal sense of Bible words and beware of departing from it — except in cases of absolute necessity. Beware of that system of allegorizing and spiritualizing and accommodating, which the school of Origen first brought in, and which has found such an unfortunate degree of favor in the Church...
Ryle, J. C.. Are You Ready For The End Of Time (Kindle Locations 1564-1566).  . Kindle Edition.

Out of the sixteen prophets of the Old Testament, there are at least ten in which the gathering and restoration of the Jews in the latter days are expressly mentioned.
1. Isaiah 11: 11,12
2 Ezekiel 37: 21
3. Hos 3:4-5
4. Joel 3:20
5. Amos 9-14-15
6. Obad 1:17
7. Micah 4:6-7
8. Zeph 3:14-20
9. Zech 10:6-10
10. Jer 30:11
Ryle, J. C.. Are You Ready For The End Of Time (Kindle Locations 1635-1668).  . Kindle Edition.

I might show you by Scriptural evidence, that the Jews will probably first be gathered in an unconverted state, though humbled; and will afterwards be taught to look to Him whom they have pierced, through much tribulation. I might speak of the future glory of Jerusalem, after the Jews are restored, and the last siege which it shall endure, as described by Zechariah and by our Lord Jesus Christ. But I forbear. I will not travel beyond the bounds of my text. I think it better to present its weighty promise to you in its naked simplicity. “Israel scattered — shall yet be gathered.” This is the future prospect of the Jew. Now is there anything contrary to this gathering in the New Testament? I cannot find a single word.
Ryle, J. C.. Are You Ready For The End Of Time (Kindle Locations 1673-1678).  . Kindle Edition.

From Chapter  7
Cultivate the habit of reading prophecy with a single eye to the literal meaning of its proper names. Cast aside the old traditional idea that Jacob, and Israel, and Judah, and Jerusalem, and Zion, must always mean the Gentile Church, and that predictions about the Second Advent are to be taken spiritually, and first Advent predictions literally. Be just, and honest, and fair. If you expect the Jews to take the 53rd of Isaiah literally, be sure you take the 54th and 60th and 62nd literally also. The Protestant Reformers were not perfect. On no point, I venture to say, were they so much in the wrong as in the interpretation of Old Testament prophecy.
Ryle, J. C.. Are You Ready For The End Of Time (Kindle Locations 2318-2323).  . Kindle Edition.