The Protestant Reformers Clearly Saw...


Robert L. Reymond



1. That saving faith is to be directed to the doing and dying of Christ alone and not to the good works or inner experience of the believer.

2. That the Christian's righteousness before God is in Heaven at the right hand of God in Jesus Christ and not on Earth within the believer.

3. That the ground of our justification is the vicarious work of Christ for us and not the gracious work of the Spirit in us.

4. That the faith–righteousness of justification is not personal but vicarious, not infused but imputed, not experiential but judicial, not psychological but legal, not our own but alien to us, and not earned but graciously given through faith in Jesus Christ, which faith is itself a gift of grace.


Justification By Faith Alone. Charles Hodge. The Trinity Foundation, P.O. Box 68, Unicoi, Tennessee 37692. 1995. Pages X-XI (Forward), Robert L. Reymond.